TINOS Island Agapiani LAND e 99,000


Tinos Island area Agapani 
Land For Sale e 99000
8.379m2 with farm 
House + Building Permit

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TINOS Island area Agapiani
LAND FOR SALE stremma 8.379
@ price e 99,000 o.n.o

with small Stone built Farm House/Shelter 71.36 sq m & Building Permit. area Agapiani
Land/400m from Beach (Near Kolimbrithra).


The Land for Sale in AGAPIANI area Tinos Island is situated near & next to the area known as Kolimbithra and this is next to the area Agapiani - by car from the main town about 10 minutes drive by car - Kolimbithra is one place with two separate beaches, the smaller of the two beaches is fully organized with a cosmopolitan flair and the larger bay this area is also famous among wind-surfers being one of the world's surfer area's - nearby there is a small lake the Kolimbithra there is a biotape of rare birds.

Agapiani where the Land is for Sale 8.379 stremma is situated in more tranquil settings and 400 metres away from the sea - the Land over looks the top of the bay with splendid views over looking the island of Drakonisi - the whole area is spectacular in natural beauty and on this piece of Land is a small stone farm house of 71.36 metres included in the price - An excellent piece of land for Sale.


Sale price: € 99.000

Code 01.22

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