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Our aim is to Advertise the property in order to give as much exposure as possible, via the Internet and using Social Media a powerful tool in Sales and Promotions. Our fees are for the Marketing, Advertising to cover for the uploading of constant data for the property, circulate, using social media or by any other sites needed.

We are dedicated to provide a service to obtain the right buyer for your property why choose Homes2BuyGreece for Advertsing your property - we believe if you want to Sell anything you need to advertise and use social media as a tool to market what you are Selling, as the more exposure, the better the chances to market and advertise the area and property for Sale. We advertise within the Tourist Industry and Investors who are interested to purchase in Greece - we liaise at the same time with local Estate Agents from Greece and Estate Agents, and Investors from abroad. 

We are an internet based company and do our utmost to ensure that the property receives as much exposure via not only our site Homes2BuyGreece and using social media as a powerful marketing tool to obtain exposure to receive a suitable Sale for the property, Land and or Commercial Investments available for Sale.

To The Seller:

If you Sell direct with us there are no other Selling or Agents' fees.

1. One off Advertising fee, see chart below

2. Send up to 20 PHOTO'S to email

3. Send the Floor or Land Plans for: HOUSE, FLAT, BUILDING, LAND

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€ 65

one off fee
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up to e 99,000
€ 150one off fee + e 100,000



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Sales demand as market criteria dictates, and we ask that ALL dealings are honest and integral - we know Greece, because we are All of Greek decent and we provide our clients a personal service because to us YOU are important - we also ask that the seller where mortgages and loans are concerned on the property, to not sell lower than the debt, however we also ask the seller, to be flexible, when it is to represent satisfactory sales agreement. *1% Commission only for Direct Buyers

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