The Ultimate Outdoor Dining Experience in Five Ways

The Ultimate Outdoor Dining Experience in Five Ways...


Hosting a dinner party requires careful planning and effort if you want the event to be successful. Whether you are hosting a party for a birthday or anniversary celebration or you simply want to get a group of your best friends or favourite neighbours together for a relaxing evening together, you want the event to be enjoyed by all. A wonderful idea is to host an outside dinner party under the stars. There are some additional steps that will need to be taken to plan the ultimate outdoor dining experience.


Select Comfortable Seating for All

An outdoor dining experience is one that may extend for several hours. When dining indoors, guests may relax on the couch and upholstered chairs before and after dinner, so sitting on firmer dining chairs is not an inconvenience or a discomfort for most. When dining outdoors, most or all of the entertaining will be outside. This means that padded cushions or a separate outdoor lounge area with comfortable seating may be ideal. This is not possible in all situations, but it can make guests feel far more comfortable and relaxed.


Choose a Menu Everyone Will Love

The food that is served will be a focal point for the evening. When dining outdoors, a smart idea is to serve food in courses. Outdoor dining can be an experience that can be enjoyed over the course of several hours. Serving drinks with appetizers initially can get the party started. Then, transition into salad or soup, and follow this with the main course. Dessert can then be followed with after dinner drinks. Choose items that are easy to prepare ahead of time and that are convenient to serve and eat outdoors.


Set a Gorgeous Table for Outdoor Dining

While the focus of an outdoor dining experience will be based on the food itself and the ambiance of the outdoors, the dining table will receive some attention. Furthermore, the table will impact the overall feel of the event. How you choose to decorate it will set the tone, and the tone can range from whimsical or casual to formal.


Think About Lighting

Lighting is also critical to the success of the event. Many dinner parties will begin before the sun goes down, and you may enjoy the beauty of the sunset together. However, lighting will be needed to enjoy the meal by, for ambiance and even for safety. If you will have older guests with vision problems, more lighting will be needed. Otherwise, indirect lighting throughout the perimeter of the space as well as a tabletop lighting feature may be all that is needed.


Decorate for the Weather

A final point to consider when preparing for an outdoor dining experience is the weather. The elements can make or break an outdoor dinner party. If your event will begin in the late afternoon or early evening when temperatures may still be warm, think about the benefits of a covered awning over the dining area. Fans may also help to circulate the air. On the other hand, if it will be cooler, portable heaters or other heating elements, such as a fire in a fire pit, may be needed to keep guests comfortable.


While some of the same steps are needed to prepare for an indoor or outdoor dinner party, the fact is that an outdoor dinner party requires some additional thought and consideration. Take into account each of these points, and always keep in mind the comfort of your guests when you are preparing for the event. This will help to ensure that everyone has an enjoyable time at your dinner party.


Jessica Kane is a professional writer who has an interest in interior design and home decor. She currently writes for Canopy Concepts, a leading installer of custom patio covers and patio enclosures.